Spam – Time Eater and Computer Destroyer

If you’ve ever opened your email application to see that you have hundreds of new messages in just a day or two, you know what it is like to be hit by email spam. Spam isn’t just a big waste of space in your email account. It is annoying to wade through all those emails. Even more importantly, the sheer volume of viagra, porn, I’m the King of Siam’s uncle and need you to move money for me, etc. emails makes missing an important email from an actual customer or the boss a lot more likely. If you happen to work for someone who isn’t technologically savvy, you could even get in trouble for getting spam mail. Your boss may be under the impression that you had to visit 50 porn sites and sign up for their email lists to get all of this junk mail in your inbox. Stop the bombardment of spam mail before the little “you’ve got mail” tune going off every three seconds drives you to resort to pen and paper for your business correspondance or ruins your boss’s opinion of your work ethic. Get some anti spam software.

For the few people who never fill out online forms, don’t let friends or family know their email address and rarely send or receive email, this may sound downright silly. However, anyone who has had to deal with spam knows that a grown man may be tempted to break down and cry after wading through 200 emails that sound like they might be important, only to find that he is being encouraged to buy shares of some odd stock or see some movie star’s compromising photos. As you think about this rather depressing cycle of spam deletion, you are probably starting to wonder if there is any hope or if you should just try to cram your computer down the garbage disposal. Luckily, there is help for people who are overwhelmed by spam mail – anti spam software.

Of course, you won’t be able to find anti spam software that is perfect. Despite your best efforts, there will be some mail trickling in that you don’t want to see because spammers spend every waking minute trying to figure out new ways to ruin your productivity and sneak past the barriers. They hack into email accounts, send email from fake email addresses using reputable domain names, send emails that look like actual articles with the spammy word hyphenated, misspelled, or disguised in some other way in the body of the text, or come up with some other new solution to circumvent that sanity saving anti spam software.

However, without anti spam software, you are wide open to attack from spammers. It is well worth the money to buy a good anti spam software to free up a bit of time. After all, you have anti-virus, spyware and firewall software on your computer, right? (The correct answer is yes. Otherwise spammers are soon going to be the least of your problems as your computers are hacked and infected right and left.) Spam is here to stay and who wants to spend an hour or two a day fighting it? If you think an hour or two a day isn’t that big a deal, think about how many years you plan to read email each day and multiply that by 365. How many hours of your life will you be throwing away on spam because you didn’t invest in anti spam software? In 10 years, you could have recovered a mindboggling 3,650 hours. Imagine what amazing new skill you could have developed if you used that time to learn a hobby.

If you are still on the fence, think about this – what else gives you a time savings of at least 75% on a task for under $40? Don’t forget the number of hours you are regaining. Multiply them by your hourly pay rate and you are also looking at an incredible financial return on the investment in anti spam software.

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