Four Proven Tips To Fight Spam Emails

Spam emails are junk emails or bulk emails sent to numerous recipients. Spam emails are usually aimed to advertise something, scam, or sending virus and trojan.

If we do not take precaution against spam, we will always receive it even though we’ve changed our email address, it will keep coming to our inbox. Therefore, in order to block the spam emails, these are four proven tips that will block the spam emails completely.

1. Whitelist

Keep a whitelist. Whitelist is a list of everyone who can send emails to you and you can receive the emails if the person on your whitelist is the one who sent it. However, by using the whitelist, you’re having a problem receiving newsletter or ezine if you forgot to add their email addresses. This is the problem of using whitelist. But, by using it, you will not receive anymore spam emails. Any emails that are not in your whitelist, will be sent to spam inbox.

2. Blacklist

Blacklist all the senders that you don’t know or email addresses from previous spam emails. It will prevent the spammer to send more spam using the same email address to your inbox. A blacklist can blocks several email addresses and it will blocks any blacklist emails from entering your inbox.

3. Spam Blocker

If you’re serious in fighting spam, consider investing in spam blocker software. Spam blocker software will filter the emails that you receive and distinguish it between spam or normal emails. There are many spam blocker software and you can search it on Google.

4. Report The Spam Emails

This is one of the methods that I like. If you receive more spam emails, report it to Create an account with them and send your spam report to them. They will send the report to the hosting company of the email used by the spammer and the hosting company will do what is necessary to stop the spammer from sending anymore spam.

Spam is one of the threats that we faced when we’re using the Internet. Even though most of the spam emails are not harmful, it is still a waste of time deleting and is annoying. Some spams are harmful to our computer because the spammer will send viruses or trojan as attachment and if we’re not careful enough, we will become their next victim.

About the Author:

Azwan Asmat is the author of Chuang Computer Tips .