A Word About ‘Opt-in’ Offers

You receive an unsolicited offer by e-mail for 100% Business Opportunity Seeker Addresses. The word opt-in is all over the offer. What do you do?

If you have any sense, you’ll report it. If you have been SPAMMED with an offer for opt-in, you can be absolutely sure that the addresses on that list are harvested without the permission of the targets. In other words, if you spend money on that list and send your offers to it, YOU will lose your accounts for spamming.

Right now, some of the most persistent spammers who lie about the origination of their lists are Cashfromhome.com, Consumer Connections, Email King, Pavilion Advertising Services… well, actually, you can pretty much assume just about anything you receive unsolicited in your own e-mail is bogus.

A good rules of thumb is to NEVER e-mail anybody with an offer unless you can PERSONALLY verify that they requested your information.

By Jer